Getting Involved

September, 2015

If you are interested in becoming a Member, 
please contact 
the Chair 
at Rainy River District Stewardship.

Our Mission
To advance the responsible care of Nature in Rainy River District for benefits now and in the future.

Rainy River District Stewardship
Our Stewardship Organization connects partners to encourage and assist landowners to make wise decisions in using and caring for their land. Volunteer Members evaluate local environmental issues, develop an annual work plan, and lead projects that emphasize getting meaningful things done on the ground:
  • Creating demonstrations of wise land use
  • Educating landowners through special-interest workshops
  • Working with young people to shape the attitudes of the generations to come
  • Recent projects have focused on identifying trees along active transportation routes, community tree planting, rehabilitating streams, wildlife habitat improvement, and a wild foods workshop.
The Opportunity
To work cooperatively with a group of other citizens on our district's Stewardship Organization to develop community-based solutions to local environmental issues:
  • Be a part of something that makes a difference for the local environment
  • Help your community and meet people who share a passion for the natural world
  • Maintain skills and develop new skills to enhance their marketability
  • Influence the priorities and work of the organization
  • Contribute in ways that fit with other commitments

Each year Rainy River District Stewardship supports the local Ontario Stewardship Ranger Team, comprised of a team leader and four youth born in a particular year (the Ontario Stewardship Rangers for the 2015 summer were all born in 1998).

For more information on the Ontario Stewardship Rangers Program, please visit the Ministry of Natural Resources Youth Program's homepage at: